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Introducing kids to motorsports

Most kids are exposed to sports like baseball, soccer, and basketball at very young ages, but many are not immediately introduced to motorsports on a regular basis. Motorsports, however, are excellent ways for kids to both have fun and build character while competing against peers and mastering their skills. Motorsports are also contactless, meaning they don't involve any violence in the same way other athletes like MMA fighters and football players experience. While motorsports aren't as widely discussed as other sports in many areas, there are actually a lot of them out there for you and your kids to experience and test out. There are also many ways to introduce children to motorsports and possibly find their lifelong hobby or career. Let's take a look at some methods of introducing kids to motorsports.


Official Chaparral website

Official Chaparral museum


Chaparral at Wikipedia

Studies for a furure 2J

All Chaparrals

YouTube 2J riding

Many, many Chaparral links

Chaparral stats

All Chaparral results

Recent years

Chaparral Gallery Opening Museum

Chaparral Gallery Opening Museum, nice pics.

The opening of the Chaparral Gallery was kicked off with a forum discussion of the Chaparral history. Participating were all the drivers over the years, Franz Weis engine builder and Hall's competitor, friend and legend Dan Gurney.

YouTube, Last run of the 2F to museum and all kind of other YouTube Chaparral stuff.

YouTube movie: Walk around 2E with Jim Musser. INTERESTING!

Interview with Jim Hall by Paul Haney, at The Brian Redman International Challenge at Road America, 2001?

Look in the index for Jim Hall, Chaparral and contempories. Nice site.

Press release auction Chaparral 1

New pictures of Chaparral 1 including some history

Rare recent pictures of the Chaparral McLaren M12, 2K and 2E

Chaparral 1 history and track test!

Chaparral appearance on Goodwood Festival of Speed 2007

Chaparral Camaro's. Suuuuuuuper!!!

Portrait of Cameron Argetsinger, once vice president of Chaparral Cars

Chaparral Speedway. It has nothing to do with our Chaparral but still interesting

A blogger about Jim Hall and the cars. Good work.

Photograhps of all Chaparrals for sale

2E wingsupport diagram

All chassisnumbers and chassis chronology

35th Can Am Reunion featuring Chaparral Cars and Jim Hall

When you enter Midland there is this sign, explaining the name of the town. Interesting.

Monterey pictures


Chaparral Cart Series statistics. For Chaparral look 1979 and further.This is an excellent source.
Their own statement: Complete history of Formula 1, CART/IndyCar, IRL, NASCAR, ALMS & Trans-AM, detail results of every single race, huge database of pictures, extensive statistics with cross reference of different series.
The ONLY site on the internet that provides all with cross reference.

Splendid site. Many, many pictures of CanAm cars, Interserie, FIA Sports cars, Le Mans cars etc.

Splendid site for sports car fans

Chevrolet GS2b/Chaparral connection. The pictured 2C is not a 2C but a 2A!

French but good pictures

Short history, All Chaparral racing results.

Short history and some new time pics.

Some interesting links

Good story about plastic chassis too

Most peculiar: Birth of Can-Am Racing, how Can-Am rules were set via 'after-hours' calls between Jim Hall and Tracy Bird. Editor's note: This article appeared in the 1969 program guide for the Monterey Castrol GTX Grand Prix.

Slotracing Chaparral related

IMCA slotracing

Seems to be a real slot race source!

Cars, drivers and stats of the '67 CanAm season. Good work!

The same for '66

HO scale Chaparral 2J and other slotrace models

Another HO scale racing site. Look for Chaparral 2D.

Cox 2D

Cox 2E

Scalextric 2F new!!!!!

Decals for 1:24 Chaparral slot cars

2G slot car body coming soon

Top Slot 2D

Miscellaneous slot material

Nice Chaparral slot racers + story. The 2C is actually a 2A! A mistake often made.

Miscellaneous 2F slot racers

Chaparral slot car body kits

Marsh Models Chaparrals

English on line shop

Scale Models

Beautiful 2A model + history

Minichamps Chaparrals

Marsh Models 2G

You Tube 2G model

Exoto 200 euro 2E models and 2A

CanAm stuff

All CanAm champions, stats

Individual CanAm results

CanAm stuff

Survey of all cars seen at the 1967 CanAm series

Group 7 page with Chaparral information

Chaparral chaps

Vic Elford

Reflections of Vic Elford

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